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The “76 Standard Solutions” of TRIZ were compiled by G.S. Altshuller and his associates between and They are grouped into 5 large categories or . The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a. PDF | The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. Altshuller as solutions for common The Substance-Field analysis is a TRIZ methodology composed of a.

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The harmful action is caused by a field. A possible Solution Figure 4: Translated by Lev Shulyak. This list was developed from those works, and published in a staneard with the 40 principles Ref. This type of solution may require several hundred tiz, tested by trial and error. We may leave it as a request for help. Submit an Article Contact us. We are committed to have one of each of the remaining sections each month.

Change from uniform structure to a structure that is specific to the situation Concentrate an additive in one location 4 Asymmetry 2.

Sea water can be used as ballast. The brace S2 acts on the leg, S1, by means of a mechanical field F1mech. It is not necessary for S1 and S2 to be in direct contact. Harmful interaction function removal by adding a new substance Figure 2.

If there is only an object S1, add a second object S2 and an interaction field F. Precise timing of the explosions increases the effectiveness of minimizing the standafd of debris. Table 1 is a list of the 40 principles with the correlation to the 76 StandardSolutions.


From Altshuller’s 76 Standard Solutions to a New Set of Standards – ScienceDirect

Mapping the 76 standard solutions onto the 40 inventive principles in TRIZ. Use masks during the fabrication of silicon wafers to allow dopants to penetrate certain regions and to prevent them from penetrating other regions. Precise control of small amounts is difficult to achieve. Improving the system by changing the system 23 standard solutions 3. Abstract The 76 Standard Solutions were created by G. An inventive contradiction is resolved within the existing system, often through the introduction of some entirely new element.

Translated by Anthony Williams. Improving the system with no or little change 13 standard solutions 2. If you like the TRIZ Journal, please help us by donating towards domain space, admin and technical support.

The Seventy-six Standard Solutions, with Examples-Class 3

Immerse the ampoules in water to keep the medicine at a safe temperature. Elsevier About ScienceDirect Remote access Shopping cart Contact and support Terms and conditions Privacy policy We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Wearing sterile gloves S3 eliminates germs. Cable can not withstand the temperatures required for the expansion.

Thermal contraction is used instead of a lubricant to make it easy to fit the 2 pieces together. Their popularity is enhanced by easy availability—they appear in commercialsoftware, textbooks, and through free standarc on the world wide Web reference 1,2, Introduce an element S3 to absorb the harmful effects. We invite readers to send tris to the editor or articles rtiz triz-journal. When the rod shrinks the cable is under the proper tension. But, the muscle atrophies very quickly if it is not used.


The magnetic fields within the vehicle interfere stanfard a true reading. Complete an incomplete model. A comparison between the old and the new system of standards is proposed.

The Seventy six Standard Solutions, with Examples Section OneThe Triz Journal

A description of most Standard Solutions contains two parts Figure 1: Counteract the harmful effect of F1 by having F2 neutralize the harmful effect or gain an additional useful effect. Since they were invented, many authors have attempted to improve them, pointing out some difficulties in applying the standards properly and the need to modify this powerful tool.

Modifying a system in order to have a desired outcome or to eliminate an undesired outcome. Altshuller as solutions for common inventive problems. Useful and harmful effects exist in a system in which the elements S1 and S2 must be in contact. Adding aerated slag particles can reduce the density of concrete.

In many organizations, a single individual cannot get anything done. Magnetic recording media tape or disk can develop a memory that persists through ordinary attempts to erase and re-record data due to alignment of domains in the material. A channel marker buoy rocks too much in the traveling seas. Measure a copy Apply additives to a copy instead of the original.