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10 Feb So it was with perhaps just a bit of reluctance that I began reading Gregory Koukl’s Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian. Gregory Koukl Very helpfully though, before getting into the tactic, Koukl addresses some of the key reservations all Christians have with sharing their. Professor Greg Koukl has successfully defended the Christian faith under fire and he wants to show you how a few relatively easy tactics can help you as well.

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Koukl begins by looking at three basics skills the Christian will need if he wishes to be an effective apologist.

I understand that I may not get to that every time, and I am looking for an opportunity to follow-up the initial conversation with more koikl. A carefully worded leading question will help you take charge of the situation instead of letting the critic take it to unholy places. More examples and less explanation would have been helpful.

Tactica the cover of the book with chess pieces seems to imply that your friends and colleagues of other faiths or no faith are pieces in a game to be won.

Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions

I was turned off by this book called Tactics Koukl puts the tact in tactics. Josh Walker January 20, Dec 26, Roddy rated it liked it.

Excellent book on the power of reason to arrive at the truth.

I never formalized that method, but Gregory Koukl does in his book Tactics. What it will do is teach you how to navigate the argument and spot when your interlocutor has violated the rules of sound reason. A Game Plan freg Discussing Your Christian Convictions is not designed to give you pat answers or lists of facts to bring to your conversations.


Koukl consistently reiterates the needs of the Christian to be kind and courteous but also to always be ready to give an answer. I love to debate, but I often get carried away and can become “scary”, I read a review before starting koukkl book where the reader had said this book was boring, not written in an engaging way.

Unable to add item to List. Wish I’d known this when I was a teen. A book to read over again I simply loved this book and will reread it, and hopefully teach these lessons in logic, reason, and tactics to my children well.

Useful for face-to-face apologetics but I can’t help feeling that you really need a gift for this sort of evangelism and an aptitude for clear-headed thinking on your feet. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Tactics: A game plan for discussing your Christian convictions, by Greg Koukl

I wrote down the title and promptly forgot about it for years. Greg Koukl is super good in spotting out arguments with no much substance and he helps you accomplish that too.

I want the same for you. I highly recommend it. The book is easy enough to read that high school students should have no problem following along.

For example the author meets a Wican cashier at CVS and begins with the first question so you are pro choice right?


Book Review – Tactics – Tim Challies

The author lays out the tactics that he uses when engaging with challenges and questions regarding the Christian faith. In today’s climate of dwindling churches and postmodern thinking, the church in America has not only failed to make disciples but to send out worthy txctics who can clearly articulate and defend their faith.

Essentially, Koukl wants his readers to learn how to ask good questions to lead a conversation while avoiding arguments, all the while in koukll of the conversation. Seriously, this book is everything I have been trying to tell people for a year now!

The books lays out some simple techniques for talking to others which will rapidly become to seem like common sense. In the first part, he explains the concepts well but doesn’t show enough examples of what utilizing his methods looks like.

In addition to the expanded and fresh material, I found the summaries at the end of each chapter to be particularly helpful. Tactics provides the game plan for communicating the compelling truth about Christianity with confidence and grace. Don’t make it your goal to change their mind completely–just plant a seed of doubt in their tacctics ideas. When I think of Christian apologetics, I tend to think of Evidence that Demands a Verdict or some of the classics of days gone by.