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Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall [Anna Funder] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Stasiland demonstrates that great. Stasiland has ratings and reviews. Steven said: It wasn’t until about a third of the way though reading Anna Funder’s riveting piece of factual. Stasiland demonstrates that great, originalreporting is still possible. Stasiland. Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall. by Anna Funder. On Sale: 09/20/

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Spies were in the schools and factories, the stasilaand and streets. I wanted to give this book five stars. Some of the victims are too traumatised to give accurate accounts and some of the Stasi accounts are completely unreliable for obvious reasons. Sstasiland, I don’t care? For example, it was not illegal to apply to leave East Germany but if you applied to leave you were suspected to WANT to leave and that was a crime….

Venghino siori venghino ad incontrare coloro che stavano dall’altra parte di quel vetro, di quei microfoni, di quelle sbarre: Stasilabd reread it again. Or make money on prisons? Each person has has there own sincerity with some such as one person who was a member of a rock band something that was not tolerated in the country and would eventually be disbanded by order of the Stasi. You could only avoid contact with the regime if you opted out, and went into “inner emigration” – not an option for the ambitious.

Fuhder I don’t get it about it is how that was socialism, what they had in the DDR and the soviet union. She’s even disappointed at one point not to be mistaken for a German she is a nice looking blonde. It tells the story of the Eastern side of Berlin stasilaand the wall was up, and the way people’s lives were controlled, manipulated, and destroyed. And one of the most heart felt accounts was of Frau Paul, a woman who’s baby lies in a West Berlin hospital, now out of reach because of the blasted wall going up.

Watch Germany – Stasilanda short documentary by Journeyman Pictures featuring Anna Funder and a Frau Paul, whose story is probably the most tragic in the book – a mother whose sick newborn was smuggled into a West Berlin hospital, and who was unable to see him for years because she refused to inform for the Stasi; it also features two former Stasi agents, one of whom says eerily: And the equipment stasjland used to spy on me writing my goodreads reviews It deals with the mindset and psychology of those who viewed it as a means of “defending their state” and their “world view” and the experiences, at the hands of the DDR ‘s organs of state control, of those who took a different view.


Although many stories here aren’t verified I have read many similar ones that are, so the nonsensical horror of the regime isn’t exaggerated This book was released in the early 00’s and some bits have aged badly.

The Stasi possessed much larger forces than the Gestapo, but they were not its equals in terror. Inside this home for the bewildered, the schizophrenic inmates feigned contentment in a Marxist paradise,while enduring stasilamd Orwellian hell.

So she moves to San Francisco where they have parades to celebrate rape victims because the authorities in Germany didn’t care her rapist went to jail but she fears he’ll get released with the political criminals by mistake.

The East German Stasi was the world’s best and most efficient secret police, the textbook definition of the omnipresent Big Brother. She misses the life. Rather than resort to brute force familiar to the KGB, the Stasi developed a series of methods which it called Zersetzung – a German word which is difficult to translate as it is said to contain no direct English equivalent – the closest being “dissolution”. They would have killed him for that name in Russia or China bitches to Funder about “her” media mogul guy Rupert Murdoch the old man goes, No, that’s an American and she’s Australian.

The spy’s the limit

It wouldn’t have surprised me if there were more secret microphones than there were people in the GDR. By submitting your email address, you understand that you will annw email communications from Bookperk and other HarperCollins services.

People who have been raised sasiland believe with their entire selves in an ideology which surrounded them from all sides can’t possibly stop believing it overnight, and unite with what they for decades were taught to believe was a decadent society, scheming to destroy theirs at all times.

After November 9the packets stopped coming. Too much she goes back to this. The other main theme for me is the total unsureness from a united Germany on what to do with its not so distant past. The people interviewed was an eclectic group. The victims story are for some tragic such as a mother separated from her sick son for years when the Berlin Wall went up to people who would be sent to prison and tortured for refusing to go along with the countries ways and try and escape. Stasiland has been published in sixty nine countries and translated into a dozen languages.


Review: Stasiland by Anna Funder | Books | The Guardian

Thanks for signing up! Marriage to another free spirit brought Miriam happiness for a time. They lived in a world that is so absurd and unbelievable that it is hard to imagine. It doesn’t lead to any conclusions fjnder I wondered where was the intent. Poor people who bitch about other poor people.

Why were so many willing to report? An account that stands out as being quite factual was that if Hagen Koch, the Stasi member who drew the borderline for the Mauer. X Tell us more about what you like to read so we can send you the best offers and opportunities. xtasiland

This is not a scholarly survey of life in East Germany, but a stasjland of personal accounts as written down by the author. History is made of personal stories.

Spying funderr neighbors, on wives and husbands, children on parents. The Berlin Wall by Frederick Taylor. Funder is at her best when describing how people like Miriam are stuck in limbo due to their brutal treatment at the hands of the Stasi. This book works well as a personal and very subjective account of a process of trying to stasilajd about something that no longer exists.

Another favorite German blonde interviewee is her landlady, Julia. I mean fuck the shit that went on. Visit the official Harlequin book site. Overall Funder has done a wonderful job with what would of been a difficult project. Just like they didn’t have prostitution?

Shouldn’t one be impartial wh ETA: Restano milioni di pezzetti di carta triturati che un gruppo di persone stanno ricostruendo come un puzzle, a Norimberga, per dare un senso a tante domande che i cittadini della ex Ddr che hanno perso parenti o amici continuano a farsi: The basics of state control were expanded to previously unimaginable heights with the Stasi’s network of informants and secret police.