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3 Mar Kolkata: Professor Trilokeshwar Shanku was born in October 2 May Satyajit Ray was a true blue Renaissance man Filmmaker unparalleled he was also author of science fiction and detective thrillers and creator. Home > Book: Language: Bengali > Comics & Graphics Novels > Prof Shanku Raktomatsya Rahasya o Macaw. Book Details: Language: Bengali.

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Feluda, Prof Shanku are Satyajit Ray himself: Sandip Ray on his dad, the author

Are Malaika Arora and Arjun Kapoor getting married soon? So, the correspondence to and from friends overseas would stretch over almost a month. He does indeed find the bones of the Brontosaurus in a remote cave, but just when he had managed to clean the whole set of bones and put them together in the cave, he sees the sadhu from years ago, hanging from a banyan tree at the mouth of the cave, and chanting the same pof as he used to in Giridih.

Satyajit Ray was a true-blue Renaissance man. Naturally it makes my work a lot easier. Featured Today In Travel. He has his own laboratory there in his house in Giridi where he researches for loads of new and fantastic inventions. But gradually the readership expanded and everyone in the age group of 8 to 80 cherished Sandesh. The real name of Professor Shonku is Trilokeshwar Shonku. Shank of Professor Shonku stories has been made into comics and published sshanku Ananda Publishers.

Prof. Shanku – Shanku Ekayi Eksho

pdof The sadhu tries to chant shankj reverse spell and get the Brontosaurus back to its skeleton form, but just as he has completed the spell, gets crushed underneath the bones of the dinosaurto his death. How did he manage to generate such popularity through his works? And, one must weigh that Baba was not only writing his own stories.


Also looking outside from the window of his lab, Prof. Ray’s son, noted filmmaker Sandip Ray, spoke to Cinestaan.

For instance, there were contraptions like the Snuff Gun, which the sbanku targeted at his domestic help, Prahlad, to check out its effectiveness. Therefore, he gave life to such a unique character who keeps narrating adventurous stories, claiming to have experienced them himself. A child who otherwise used to be normal, has “changed” after he fell sahnku hurt his head. Thus, he could create a sense of wonder in the readers.

His next target is the Taj Mahal. Pratidwandi Seemabaddha Jana Aranya By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Ananda Publishers Pvt Ltd see all. So, to balance that imperfection, Baba put a smile on his face in the illustration. Filmography Literary works Awards for Satyajit Ray. Most of the time, I have only done the necessary prrof to adapt the stories into a different medium. A facet about the Professor Shanku titles which is unique is that despite being part of the Sci-Fi genre, they were never loaded with a surfeit of technicalities.

Professor Shonku’s father Tripureshwar was a physician. Newsletter The best of Cinestaan in your inbox. Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil. He also demonstrates psychic ability, where the flash of a camera stops working after he declares he does not want to be pictured but the reporter insists. What was the motivation behind that?

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His nickname is Tilu. Otherwise Rs 50 will be charged extra. Or, if, perchance, he had friends in a country or city which was the location for a Shanku story, he would write to them for relevant literature, shxnku postcards and materials like street maps. Baba took a look at it and found that it was truly well-stocked.

The Macaw along with having a colourful plumage, has a special ability, it speaks clear Bengaliand Prof Shonku can have quite a conversation with it. As a filmmaker, my father was an observer. shajku

List of Professor Shonku’s Inventions

Sonar Kella Joi Baba Felunath But, both turned out to be a series of novellas or books because of the stupendous response from readers. Prof Shonku is naturally disappointed.

The Macaw asks him what is it called, and Shonku replies that while he has not named it as yet, the ingredients he has used are an extract of Gorgona SauceParanaium PotentateSodium bicarbonateEggs of the Weaver birdTincture of iodineand the extract of Gandal Pata Skunk Vine.

It is believed that Ray wanted to make a film on it, but it never materialized. In fact, when Prof Shonku had to attend to the door for a mail and leave Prof Tarafdar for a few minutes, he comes back to see Tarafdar scurrying through Prof.

They were, after all, written for young adults. The parents desperately seek help to get their boy back. Professor Shonku is a short story collection by Satyajit Rayfeaturing the eponymous character Professor Shonku.