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This approach is sometimes called the Ponchon-Savarit Method. Working on the Hx diagram is more general than a McCabe-Thiele construction, because it. Ponchon – Savarit Method Presentation by. Prof. K. V. Rao Programme Director Department of Petroleum Engineering & Petrochemical Engineering. Lever Arm. Modified versions of the Ponchon-Savarit and McCabe-Thiele methods are presented which incorporate a correct analysis of the feed region in the case of partly.

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Apr 19, 3. For an adiabatic process, the feed and products will be colinear on an Hx diagram. The column is to operate at 1 atm.

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Ponchon Savarit Method

These were then paired with the equilibrium curve, which relates the composition of liquid on a stage to the vapor leaving the stage. Points for the feed and product can be located on the Hx diagram; for our purposes we’ll call them the F, D, and B points.

This approach is sometimes called the Ponchon-Savarit Method. The intersection is the point L 1 liquid on tray 1. Join Physics Forums Today! On an Hx diagram, there isn’t an equilibrium curve — it has expanded to a region, and each point from the xy equilibrium curve is represented by a tie line.

M-T would provide me with a basic approximation on the number of stages, assuming enthalpy concentration data is not available.

Ponchon Savarit Method | Physics Forums

This graphical method uses both material and energy balances to determine the number of theoretical stages required to achieve a specific separation. These values and the reflux ratio can be used to find the enthalpy coordinate for the D’ poncbon, H Dp. This has been used before if you have used lever arm principles. Apr 19, 1. Minimum reflux still corresponds to a pinch at the feed conditions, so to determine the minimum reflux a line must be constructed so that the overall enthalpy line coincides with the tie line that runs through the feed point.


I’m methoc really sure, but with the way I’m understanding it I think you would methid have to have the equilibrium data as well, I think having an enthalpy-concentration data set would just improve your accuracy. You may want to compare it with a traditional McCabe graph. This line represents the system enthalpy balance, and so is called the overall enthalpy line.

Hello, I’ve worked for quite some time with Ponchon-Savarit at least, nethod binary distillation. Plot the feed and product points. Find the number of theoretical stages and the optimum feed stage. Distillation calculations can be performed graphically on an enthalpy-concentration Hx diagram.

The very shape of the Hx diagram provides a clue as to the importance of the energy balances. The H- and h- enthalpy versus composition for both the liquid and gas phases are represented by the red and blue curves, respectively.

The optimum feed tray is number 3. Your first stage is drawn correctly. Aavarit operating lines will connect the point representing the liquid on a stage with coordinates x nh n to the point representing the adjusted enthalpy at the appropriate end of the column. Construction continues until L 5 which is almost directly on top of x B. Assuming that the data are available, the P-S saarit provide an even more accurate calculation.


In that diagram the light-blue lines are the stages. Apr 21, 6. The overall enthalpy line is then drawn from D’, through F.

Notice that this represents the ratio of distances on the Hx diagram: Apr 21, 7. The bold black dots show the location of the feed and the stripping and rectifying difference points. One of the tools of graphical solution is the notion of colinearity.

Apr 22, 8. Follow the tie line that passes through the V 1 point back to the saturated liquid curve. Al-Baghli, and Brian G.

Maylis ponchhon, Apr 19, The value of is determined by the program and the ratio of reflux to distillate flow rates at the top stage is chosen such that. Thanks for showing your work step by step in the images.

In the McCabe-Thiele procedure, operating curves were constructed to represent the component balances for the column and to relate the liquid composition on a stage to the composition of the entering vapor. Do you already have an account? Download free CDF Player.