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24 Jun Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers’ The central message of Liping Ma’s book is that, compared to their American. Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics: Teachers’ Understanding. Fundamental Mathematics in China and the United States. (). Liping. Lawrence Erlbaum . project provided part of the motivation for Ma’s work.) KTEM itself a. Knowing and Teaching Mathematics describes the nature and development of the “profound understanding of fundamental mathematics” that elementary.

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I also recommend it to all university teacher educators who want their students to develop that ‘profound understanding of fundamental mathematics’ that allows Chinese students to outscore their American counterparts in international assessments.

Leementary and Teaching Elementary Mathematics is an important book. Journal Article 1 New to the Anniversary Edition: Ma as their own. Skickas inom vardagar.

S and Chinese elementary school teachers’ mathematical understanding and offers a powerful framework for grasping the mathematical content necessary to understand and develop the thinking of school children. After a term as a senior scientist at mathemqtics Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, she is now an independent scholar.

Profound Understanding Of Fundamental Mathematics 6. Yet, these studies give few examples of the knowledge teachers need to support teaching, particularly the kind of teaching demanded by recent reforms in mathematics education.


Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics

Division By Fractions 4. Its broad appeal offers some hope for common ground in math education I recommend this book! In doing so, she helps us to understand elementary mathematics as a complex and demanding subject that is to be taken seriously. Profound Understanding Of Fundamental Mathematics: Supporters of the National Council of Mathemtics of Mathematics NCTM reform agenda are pleased by her stress on real understanding wnd opposed to mere computational competence.

Highlighting notable changes in the field and the author’s work, this new edition includes an updated preface, introduction, and key journal articles that frame and contextualize this seminal work. Teachers’ Subject Matter Knowledge: Dealing With Students’ Mistakes 3. Early language learning and teaching: Both need a elfmentary knowledge of the mathematics which comes in later grades, at least three or four, for this knowledge should influence how topics are taught.

Ma has done a masterful job of showing how the conceptual approach of Chinese elementary school teachers succeeds where the procedural approach of their American counterparts flounders This book is an excellent resource and will interest anyone involved in teaching preservice teachers, as well as researchers concerned with teachers’ knowledge of content and methods. For those who are skeptical that mathematics education research can lipin much of value, it can serve as a counterexample.

Liping Ma earned a Ph. Mathemattics is also helping to unify some disparate forces in mathematics education on at least a few ideas for continuing positive changes And it supports the necessity, highlighted in NCTM’s Standards documents, that even at the elementary school level, students can, and should, learn challenging mathematics. Bloggat om Khowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics.


Studies of teachers in the U. The anniversary edition of this bestselling volume includes the original studies that compare U.

Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics – Liping Ma – Häftad () | Bokus

Ma shows is that we need both. For those interested in improving precollege mathematics education in the U.

Districts have distributed her book to teachers. An added bonus is that, despite the somewhat forbidding educationese of its title, the book is quite readable Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics describes the nature and development mathekatics the knowledge that elementary teachers need to become accomplished mathematics teachers, and suggests why such knowledge seems more common in China than in the United States, despite the fact that Chinese teachers have less formal education than their U.

Teachinv highly recommend this brief volume to elementary school teachers who wish to improve their teaching of mathematics.

Approaches To Teaching A Topic 2.