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6 Dec Summary FAITH, LOVE, TIME & DR. LAZARO by Gregorio C. Brillantes is a story about a father named Dr. Lazaro, a country doctor who wanted. 14 Oct From the upstairs veranda, Dr. Lazaro had a view of stars, the country darkness, the lights on the distant highway at the edge of town. Lazars could sense his son’s concentration on the road while driving it is because of the moppets shining on the quiet square, it’s God who guided their way.

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He no longer believes in light. His son is hasty in making the decision to get married, just like he was when he was Creating downloadable prezi, be patient. Delete comment or cancel.

Lazars has lost his faith because Of his profession. Light on their way was always associated with darkness, there is a light but there is also darkness, but not literally means that Dry. Everything has its reasons. He did it because he wants the baby to see God.

Here are some lines in the story that would explain: Why one was forsaken… After Love. It is about how strong you commit to your – a Palanca Award Hall of Famer and a multi-awarded fiction writer – One of the Philippines’ most popular writers in English.

Love whatever we mean by it- is important in the ethical life. In the scattered light from the sala his angular face had a dusty, wasted quality; only his eyes contained life. I want your permission.

A small angled stone bled his foot, but he dismissed it cursorily. Dong made a quick impassioned easy in his mind about selfishness, but later he got confused. Symbol Scene wherein Dry. Lazars, he feels as if his compassion for his work has all dried out. These doubts are tests of conviction. Haven’t found the Essay You Want? Lazaro- protagonist; dedicated to his profession; distant to his family Ben- foil character; son of Dr. She was shapeless and thin now, even if she was young. This is a story about a doctor who disbelief in faith, love and time.


Dong was immensely glad he had asserted himself. Houston, we have a problem! Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed. His sense of duty prescribed his ethical decisions.

Summary of “FAITH, LOVE, TIME AND DR. LAZARO” By: Greg Brillantes

Afterward Dong himself thought that if he had a decayed tooth he would be afraid to go to the dentist; he would not be any bolder than his father. They are on their way to Baggie for one purpose: The ground was broken up into many fresh wounds and fragrant with a sweetish earthy smell.

He did not want her to look that pale… Dong wanted to touch her, to push away that stray wisp of hair that touched her 4. It simply tells the story of an older person who made a mistake in the past who ended up with a not so pleasurable life. The helot was wrapping the child, Dong heart it cry. Setting The story happened late at night in a small hut, where Dr.

In all of those dark places a source of light was present and those sources of light brought things into focus even for just a short amount Of time.

Lazaro made cursory check- dg dry, turning cold, breathing shallow, heartbeat fast and irregular. Doubts in your beliefs will rise when certain aromatic or important events happen in your life.


Present to your audience Start remote presentation. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Brillantes Conflict Man vs. Send the link below via email or IM Copy.

Faith, Love, Time, and Dr. Lazaro by Agatha Chai on Prezi

His mother had told him not to leave the house, but he had left. She wondered if she had married Lucia, would she have borne him children. Lazaro had a view of stars, the country darkness, the lights on the distant highway at the edge of the town. Love not only makes the world go round, as the song says, but it also makes the ethical life possible and necessary. Lazaro told On their way er Esteban’s house, Dr.

Philip is a love refers to filial, mutual or friendship love. He turned back the way he had come, then marched obliquely to a creek. The next day, his grandfather died because he discovered that his god was stolen.

While on the way, they had conversation about Ben’s plan on what career to pursue. But most of all, there was his eldest son who committed suicide. He wanted to ask questions and somebody to answer him.

Dong did not bother to look where it fell, but thought of his age, seventeen, and he said to himself he was not young any more. Do you really want to delete this prezi?