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The Blackfin is a family of or bit microprocessors developed, manufactured and marketed by Analog Devices. The processors have built-in, fixed-point. his chapter examines the architecture of the Blackfin processor, which is based on the MSA jointly developed by Analog Devices and Intel. We use assembly. Analog Devices Blackfin /bit Embedded Processors are available at Mouser and offer software flexibility and scalability for convergent applications.

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For other uses, see Blackfin disambiguation. Instruction memory and data memory are independent and connect to the core via dedicated memory buses, designed for higher sustained data rates between the core and L1 memory. Please consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie notice and updated Privacy Policy. In blackffin projects Wikimedia Commons. Code and data can be mixed in L2. In supervisor mode, all processor resources blacofin accessible from the running process.

Blackfin Intrinsic Functions – The Blackfin Processor compiler also supports a large number of powerful intrinsic functions based on the Blackfin Processor instruction set to allow the user direct access to specific Blackfin Processor capabilities.

Implementing video compression algorithms in software allows OEMs to adapt to evolving standards and new functional requirements without hardware changes. Ultimately, Blackfin Processors procsesor help lower overall system cost while improving the time to market for the end application. This section does not cite any sources. Please Select a Language.

Analog Devices Blackfin Processor Embedded Software Solutions

Archived from the original on Procfssor Blackfin Processor family also offers industry leading power consumption performance down to 0. If a thread crashes or attempts to access a protected resource memory, peripheral, etc. Other applications use the RISC features, which include memory protection, different operating modes user, kernelsingle-cycle opcodesdata and instruction caches, and instructions for bit test, byte, word, or integer accesses and a variety of on-chip peripherals.

Host-target connectivity is provided through a variety of means, depending on the target environment. The processors typically have a dedicated DMA channel for each peripheral, which is designed for higher throughput for applications that can use it, such as real-time standard-definition D1 video encoding and decoding. However, when in user mode, system resources and regions of memory can blacmfin protected with the help of the MPU. Video Instructions In addition to native blacjfin for 8-bit data, the word size common to many pixel processing algorithms, the Blackfin Processor architecture includes instructions specifically defined to enhance performance in video processing applications.

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Internal L1 memory, internal L2 provessor, external memory and all memory-mapped control registers reside in this bit address space, so that from a programming point of view, the Blackfin has a Von Neumann architecture. The resulting instructions can be fully optimized by the compiler.

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Reduced instruction set computer RISC architectures. All Blackfin Processors employ multiple power saving techniques.

When combined, these two features enable Blackfin Processors to deliver code density benchmarks comparable to industry-leading RISC processors. They can support hundreds of megabytes of memory in the external memory space. Circular Buffer Support – The Blackfin Processor compiler can generate circular pointer increments from intrinsic functions or directly from C code.

Analog Devices Blackfin Processor

Lastly, and probably most importantly, these embedded microprocessors support a self contained dynamic power management scheme blcakfin the operating frequency AND voltage can be independently manipulated to meet the performance requirements of the algorithm currently being executed.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. The Blackfin uses a byte-addressableflat memory map.

With the optimal code density and the possibility of little to no code optimization, quicker time to market can be achieved without running into performance headroom blackfkn seen on other traditional processor. Retrieved from ” https: These features enable operating systems.

The official guidance proceasor ADI on how to use the Blackfin in non-OS environments is to reserve the lowest-priority interrupt for general-purpose code so that all software is run in supervisor space. A single Blackin Processor can be utilized in many applications previously requiring both a high performance signal processor and a separate efficient control processor. The ISA is designed for a high level of expressivenessallowing the assembly programmer or compiler to optimize an algorithm for the hardware features present.


Green Hills Probe High-performance real-time debugging. Very frequently used control-type instructions are encoded as compact bit words, blackfun more mathematically intensive signal processing instructions encoded as bit values.

The MPU provides protection and caching strategies across the entire memory space. The architecture was announced in Decemberand first demonstrated at the Pricessor Systems Conference in June, Transfers can also occur between the peripherals and external devices connected to the external memory interfaces, including the SDRAM controller and the asynchronous memory controller.

Blackfin supports three run-time modes: The processors have built-in, fixed-point digital signal processor DSP functionality supplied by bit multiply—accumulates MACsaccompanied on-chip by a small microcontroller. Processor Options – One option for each supported Blackfin model.

Blackfin Processors are based on a gated clock core design that selectively powers down functional units on an instruction-by-instruction basis. The intrinsic functions are recognized by the compiler, which generates very efficient Blackfin Processor code inline: Superior Code Density The Blackfin Processor architecture supports multi-length instruction encoding.

Blackfin Processor Benchmarks | Design Center | Analog Devices

Blackfin uses a variable-length RISC -like instruction set consisting ofand bit instructions. All of the peripheral control registers are memory-mapped in the normal address space.

This memory runs slower than the core clock speed. All Blackfin Processors offer fundamental benefits to the system designer which include: All of these features provide the processr designer with a great deal of design flexibility while minimizing end system costs.

Please Select a Region. This article is about the DSP microprocessor.

This page was last edited on 14 Septemberat High-performance signal processing and efficient control processing capability enabling a variety of new markets and applications.