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The Magic Years by Selma H. Fraiberg – A pioneering work on early childhood development that is as relevant today as when it was first published 60 years ago . Selma Fraiberg (–) was a child psychoanalyst, author and social worker. She studied The Magic Years, which deals with early childhood and has been translated into 11 languages, was written when she was teaching at the . Excerpt from The Magic Years by Selma H. Fraiberg. A method of childrearing is not-or should not be-a whim, a fashion or a shibboleth. It should derive from an.

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I had this book as one of my college textbooks for child psychology, and used it when my children were toddlers. The education of a child toward mental health must include training of the intellect. Underground, the conflict persists in a disguised form and, since the real conflict is not resolved, a neurosis perpetuates itself in a series of attempted compromises — neurotic symptoms.

It is easy to forget how much children really have to learn in the beginning. The process enables the patient to bring the forbidden impulses under the control of the higher mental processes of reason and judgment, a process which automatically strengthens the moral side of man by partially freeing it from its primitive and irrational sources.

Gears the child, in great pain and unprepared for the emergency hospitalization and surgery, only knew that something was wrong and that the doctor would make him better, “fix him up,” so to speak. He can’t have everything his own way Fraiberg’s work is said to have paralleled that of Anna Freud, sela pioneer in child psychoanalysis. But Jannie can come with us. Video is unrelated to the product. Other Book Industry Professional.


If the rules of the game are adhered to, if the imaginary beasts are kept in their place and brought under control in the parlor, there is less likelihood that they will invade the real world. This book opens up a new perspective that I don’t have to be the perfect parent.

There had been a steady influx of imaginary companions in this household and an even greater number in the child’s own.

If he is “well adjusted to the group” but secures his adjustment through uncritical acceptance of and compliance with the ideas of others, then this adjustment does not serve a democratic society.

Never did Freud subscribe to the theory attributed to him that liberation of forbidden impulses would cure man of his mental ills.

Selma Fraiberg

Cultivating School Success in the Early Grades. If we are willing to accept the limitations of a young science and to proceed with very modest aims and expectations in applying this knowledge to child-rearing, we can justify the existence of such a book as this one. So we will find that not only does each child react to danger in ways which are specific for him, but he will defend against danger, protect himself, in ways which are specific for him.

Gradually, as the child develops, ho acquires means of his own to deal with increasingly complex situations. Selma Fraiberg not only researched blindness in infants, but also was a part of developing new techniques for mental seoma treatment of young children. A bit dated of course, but majority is still eslma and helpful.

He never demonstrated the ferocity of his species and gave no cause for alarm during his residence. One of my favorite books on early childhood.


Selma Fraiberg – Wikipedia

Hhe Preview See a Problem? This book was an eye-opener 25 years ago when my child was young, despite my having read a bunch in child development. We suspect that these tendencies are partly innate, for even our observations of new-born infants fraiverg a nursery will show how each infant will react in a specific and individual way to a sudden sound, or any strong stimulus, or to a frustration, like withdrawal frwiberg the nipple.

He was no longer satisfied to take things apart to see how they worked; he wanted to reassemble them and make them work again. He obeyed all commands even when they were silly and contrary to his own interests. A critical friend speaks up: This was also questioned when Toni would not smile in response to hearing a voice of anyone except her mother around the age of eight months old.

And you know how thorough his sex education had been!

We think tue is so because throughout all human development tho effects of danger are less when the ego can prepare for it by producing anticipatory anxiety.

Like all small children he must have felt terrified and helpless when ho left his mother and was wheeled into the operating room to have “something” taken out that was hurting him.

It only remained to choose an area in science.