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By Swami Sri Yukteswar (Priya Nath Swami) Original Edition, India Lovers of of The Holy Science (PDF 7 MB), published privately in Kidderpore by his [ ]. Swami Sri Yukteswar () of Serampore, was eminently fitted to discern the underlying unity between the scriptures of Christianity and of Sanatan. 29 Jun One of the most profound moments in my life, the clarity of Wisdom Truly touched my Soul. The Holy Science presented Is A Guide for the Sons.

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This page was last edited on 19 Marchat With the commencement of the Ascending Kali Yuga, after a. Sattiva the positive, Tamos the negative, and Rajas the neutralizing.

As man identifies himself with his material body, composed of the aforesaid proper- ties, yuiteswar is able to comprehend by these imperfect organs these properties only, and not the Sub- stance to which these properties belong.

Swami Sri Yukteswar sets out to prove that this mistake in understanding is a result of inaccurately interpreting the duration of the ancient cycles or yugas. The mistake crept into almanacs for the first time about b. I U I Avidya, Ignorance, having the twofold power of polarity, manifests as egoism, attachment, aversion, and blind tenacity. Everyone wants to live by the laws of science but very few understand them all. My paramguruji maharaj Babaji smiled and, honoring me with the title of Swami, imposed on me the task of this book.

Their minds, understanding, will, the principal faculties, temper, and general dis- position are also properly developed. Behold, I stand at the door, and knock; if any man hear my voice and open sciencf door, I will come in sckence him and will sup with him, yuukteswar he with me.

It shows thw unity between the western and eastern philosophies and also leads and explains the purpose of life and purifications. Refresh and try again. Interestingly, the book also points out an error in the calculation of years in Hindu almanac. This state is a result of Avidya, Ignorance, and produces a Sudra a man of the lowest caste. Meditation on Pranava, the divine sound of Aunt, is the only way to Brahman Spiritsalvation.


See Reve- lation 1: This unification with God is Kaivalya, the ultimate goal of man, as explained in this treatise. Hence, after the completion of the years of the then current Dwapara Yuga, no one dared to make the introduction of the dark Kali Yuga more manifest by beginning to calculate from its first year and to put an end to the number of Dwapara years. Sep 08, Akshith rated it it was amazing Shelves: In concluding this introduction, we may ob- serve that the different planets, exercising their influence over the various days of the week, have lent their names to their respective days; similarly, the different constellations of stars, having influ- ence over various months, have lent their names to the Hindu months.

This is the state of Divinity. It’s been 10 year since I had read “Auto Biography of a Yogi”, and there was a mention about this book in the same.

The Holy Science — Yogananda Harmony Association

I understand the book was way ahead of its time and helped people to see the spiritua This book is for newbies in spirituality.

As my gurudeva has explained in his introduction, these pages were written by him in obedience to a request made by Babaji, the holy gurudeva of Lahiri Mahasaya, who in turn was the gurudeva of Sri Yukteswar.

Manas, the 3rd Kosha. The Word, Amen Awmis the beginning of the Creation. Had it for 11 years on me.

SUTRA 3 Then there is cessation of all pain and the at- tainment of the ultimate aim true fulfillment, God- realization. When man raises himself above the idea creation of this Darkness, Maya, and passes completely out of its influence, he becomes liberated from bondage and is placed in his real Self, the Eternal Spirit.


If man continues in the baptized state, re- maining immersed in the holy stream, he gradu- ally comes to a pleasant state wherein his heart wholly abandons the ideas of the external world and becomes devoted to the internal one.

Man must reincarnate again and again until all his earthly longings are worked out and he is free from all desires.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. All creatures, from the highest to the lowest in the link of creation, are found eager to realize three things: But if man can control these THE PROCEDURE 53 involuntary nerves by the aforesaid Pranayama, he can stop the natural decay of the material body and put the involuntary nerves uoly the heart, tthe, and other vital organs to rest periodically, as he does with his voluntary nerves in sleep.

How God is comprehended.

This entrance into the internal world is the second birth of man. This state of mind is prevalent in Dwapara Yuga.

The Holy Science

Their opposites those who increase our doubts and difficulties are harmful to us and should be avoided like poison. He sir propelled by evolutionary forces to struggle for truth.

Swami Sri Yukteswar, the revered guru of Paramahansa Yogananda, outlines the universal path that every human being must travel to enlightenment. So the Word, Amen, Aum, being the man- yykteswar of the Eternal Nature of the Almighty Father or His Own Self, is inseparable from and nothing but God Himself; as the burning power is inseparable from and nothing but the fire itself.