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The Institutes for The Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP), founded in by Glenn Doman and Carl Delacato, provide literature on and teaches patterning . Some considerations for evaluating the Doman-Delacto “patterning” method. Pediatrics. Test of the Doman-Delacato rationale with retarded readers. JAMA. J Iowa Med Soc. May;58(5) The Doman-Delacato method. [No authors listed]. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. MeSH terms. Brain Damage.

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Diman discredit DDPT due to its misinterpretation of the basics of neuroanatomy and localisation of function, as well as the problematic claim that the same intervention will be effective for and cure a variety of dis-eases with diverse aetiologies. A retrospective study of 21 children by the IAHP and others of children with cortical visual impairment found significant improvement after use of the program the study had no control group.

A western version of the Doman-Delacato treatment of patterning for developmental disabilities.

This prac-tice is continued for seconds or more and repeated multiple times a day. The Institute promotes DDPT as healing the brain and being the pathway to full recovery, no matter what neuronal disability or diagnosis an infant or child may have. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Scientific Review of Alternative Medicine. Retrieved from ” https: Government Gazette The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential.

Paediatric Fluid and Electrolyte Therapy. To conclude, due to the impact of the techniques of DDPT on the respiratory system, hydration and joint mobility, it could impact on the safety and therapeutic outcomes of a child participat-ing in dslacato therapies as well, implicating qualified and registered health care profes-sionals involved with children undergoing both DDPT and their conventional therapies such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy.


As research has shown, the only reason for possible benefits reported in case reports for DDPT comes down to possibly the increased activity and attention the programme offers, and not the therapy in itself. We understand that a child with a neurological disability is a huge challenge to parents, as it means many years of sacrifice to seek and selacato the best treatment for their child.

The Doman-Delacato method.

Thus the fluid restrictions imposed by IAHP are not in line with the current evidence-based fluid requirements for infants and children, and we urge parents to consult with qualified and registered Dietitians and Paediatricians regarding the individualised nutritional and fluid requirements of their chil-dren.

In addition to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a number of other organizations have issued cautionary statements about claims for efficacy of this therapy. Infants Toddlers and Families.

Archived from the original on Retrieved 9 March The Raising of Intelligence: Support Center Support Center. Furthermore, many infants and children with neuronal disabil-ities present with low bone density due to being non-ambulatory and not being weight-bearing through long bones.

The Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential – Wikipedia

The IAHP then instructed parents of children in their program not to take part in any independent studies designed to evaluate the program’s effectiveness.


In addition, the following committees, associations and societies have publically and formally stated they support the AAP regarding not endorsing or accepting DDPT: Copyright and License information Disclaimer. This is based on the belief that it will cause maximum use of the lungs and thus maximize oxygen circulation to the brain. A reply to Zigler and Seitz.

A western version of the Doman-Delacato treatment of patterning for developmental disabilities.

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In Developmental Neurorehabiliation 16 4: Get a printable copy PDF file of the complete article Kor click on a page image below to browse page by page. For children with poor deoacato, IAHP recommends auditory stimulation with loud noises, which may be pre-recorded. Associated Data Supplementary Materials.

Health Professions Act, 56 delwcato The basic theory behind this is that an increase of carbon dioxide in the blood as in-haled from the lungs causes the brain to increase blood flow to itself. This may lead to less stable joints and predispose the spine and joints to injuries during normal activi-ties. Neurological organization in terms of mobility.

Infants, Toddlers and Families. This theory can be encapsulated as ” ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny “. Brain-injured children may also be taught to identify by touch alone various objects placed in a bag.

In Pediat-rics; 5 Paediatric Cervical Spine Instability.