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After Capitalism. A presentation of the main points of the book by David Schweickart Schweickart’s ‘Successor System Theory’. □ It should be concrete . In After Capitalism, David Schweickart moves beyond the familiar arguments against globalizing capitalism to contribute something absolutely necessary and . After Capitalism by David Schweickart Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, , pages, $70 hardcover, $ paperback. ARE TODAY’S MOVEMENTS.

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All this is not supposed to be allowed under Economic Democracy, because investment is to be allocated socially. But he does readers and his own case a disservice by presenting no defense against the argument that market socialism is an unstable concept: What It Is 3. Schweickart presents a reform program, consisting mostly of government regulations, which can be fought for before a final end to capitalism.

This language, in which leaders and activists design and construct the system for a generally passive population, reflects the general spirit of the book. Clayton Morgareidge If a well-read non-socialist leftist were to ask me for the best current book on socialism, I’d recommend After Capitalism.

Further Thoughts on davod Degeneration of Market Socialism: We humans are pragmatic beings and when life throws a problem at us we don’t submit to it easily but try to solve it, and often, after many failures, we find a solution, though, usually, one that brings with it new problems, which we then in turn try to solve, and so on it goes, an endless, dialectical capitslism that moves us from one problem to another, the latest of which happens to be capitalism.

Would recommend this book to anyone interested in politics and government infrastructure. Moreover, Schweickart argues, the transition from capitalism to Economic Democracy will not require a thorough social restructuring and can be carried out on a national scale by way of a few major reforms implemented by an elected radical government. We are vastly better situated than was Marx or even Lenin in this respect, for we have accessible to us not only a century of unprecedented socioeconomic experimentation but also data and conceptual tools that were unavailable to the founding theoreticians of socialism.


Dec 25, Abraham Arslan rated capiatlism it was ok. The bigger problem isn’t in finding a workable solution, though, but in implementing it. Social and Political Philosophy categorize this paper. After Capitalism is a book full of hope for the critics of capitalism and a book which must be read by all socialists.

After Capitalism, 2nd Edition –

Does Schweickart address the ideas of the Austrian School in this book? His work has been translated into French, Spanish, Catalan, and Chinese. Private savings may exist and be channeled into consumer loans, but afger social role of private finance will be small, because capital investment is socialized. Schweickart’s concept of Economic Democracy provides a compelling vision for everyone distressed by the enormous waste of human potential that characterizes capitalism as we know it.

After Capitalism

The tax proceeds are recycled through a system of public banks shweickart operatives earn their living according to how well they judge both the profitability and employment creation potential of prospective investment plans presented to them. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Jun 04, Lyndon rated it really liked it Shelves: If there are insufficient opportunities for productive and job-creating expansion of capacity, a portion of the social investment fund will be simply be returned to the firms who paid the capital tax, who will xapitalism distribute it to their workers to be spent on consumer goods. What can guarantee that firms are run democratically?


davd After capitalism is an accessible book for students and anybody who is interested in politics and explains also the way we may follow to realize the new system. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. If it cannot offer a plausible projection as to how we might get capitalim here to there, successor-system theory remains an intellectual exercise in model building-interesting in its own right, perhaps, and capable of providing a rejoinder to the smug apologists for capital, but useless to people trying to change the world.

Here’s a quick outline of how it works: The others were written more with the classroom in mind. The capital assets taxes that the ater takes in is used to finance new enterprises, to maintain and develop infrastructure projects, and other costs spread across the whole of society.

Contents Counterproject SuccessorSystem Revolution.

After Capitalism (New Critical Theory)

To ask other readers questions about After Capitalismplease sign up. I haven’t read the dissertation davie, that’s next, but of the other two, this is the most readable.

Jan 24, Andrew rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 24, Solidarity rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Anarchistic free school Homeschool Democratic education Learning by teaching.