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24 May In April the Institution for Statutory Accident Insurance & Prevention ( Berufsgenossenschaft VBG) published BGV-C1 (which started life as. Motorised chain hoists with an innovative and unusually flexible feature set, meeting the highest demands of safety in accordance with BGV C1, DIN and. Der vorliegende Text ist eine Übersetzung der deutschen BGV C1 in Englisch. Rechtlich verbindlich ist die deutsche Originalversion. This booklet is an English .

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It is not enshrined in law – adopting BGV-C1 is entirely voluntary – but its adoption is generally required by insurance companies in Germany, and therefore it has effectively become an industry standard. We can make the brake out of butter if we want. The Prolyft 2t hoist on site in Moscow’s Red Square. Black, however, has further criticisms. Its criticisms, therefore, are not based on an inability to compete in the market. There are certain important differences between the hoist demands of BGV-C1 and general industrial standards familiar to the rest of the lifting industry.

Advertise with us Terms and conditions Site Map. A C1 chain hoist is defined as one that can be used to move and hold loads above people. Van der Moolen concludes: Before joining Columbus McKinnon inBlack — who is British – worked for many years in the theatrical rigging industry. Theatre guides 24 May Unsurprisingly, perhaps, bg was the Germans bgg took the lead.

Stage hoist in action. Brakes are not why you drop loads. A C1 hoist has a design factor of 10 to 1 instead of 5 to 1.


Reed Rigging hoist and truss. This is so that is two or more hoists are lifting in tandem, if one chain becomes slack, another hoist may become overloaded as it runs away with the load. It meets BGV-C1 but in cutting out the slack hoist, any overload on other hoists is increased.

Verlinde hoists support De Boerderij. The reason is that BGV-C1 has been worked out by a team of specialists out of many different branches and offices Berufsgenossenschaften, theatre people, TV and studio engineers, stage makers and many more.

Theatre guides – HOIST magazine

Lifting and rigging equipment is just part of this code. I have seen a totally different approach in the US, based not on risk assessment but on product liability. He is also critical of the braking requirements, for example, because they do not say where the brakes should be or how strong they should be. There are three dominant suppliers of chain hoists to the entertainment industry: Newsletter sign up Online magazine sign up.

It corrects one of the weaknesses of BGV-C1, putting emphasis on overload bgf leading to automatic shutdown rather than slack chain underload detection. Jump to page content Accessibility.

Theatre guides

Black thinks the emphasis on brakes in general is misplaced. Instead, separate documents are being produced for each. A D8 chain hoist can be used to lift loads during set up, with the area underneath cleared of people. Manufacturers do not want to be producing three or four different versions of the same chain hoist, so unless Germany adopts FEM, the rigorous demands of BGV-C1 will remain the standard to which chain hoist manufacturers default to, Black says.



Talking about slack chain prevention, it is not necessary to include slack chain detection in any single hoist but essential if loads are guided in a frame or tower where they could jam or if many hoists carry the same load, especially in case of bad visibility.

It is indeed generally much less prescriptive than the comparable European documents except with regard to such procedural criteria as inspections, documentation, training programmes and quality assurance.

He is also on the ESTA committee producing standards for both chain hoist and wire rope hoists. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it is the American company that is most critical of BGV-C1 and it has had to make substantial modifications to its Gbv in order to meet the German code.

Black also questions the value of the time, money and effort that goes into meeting BGV-C1.

BGV-C1 standard available in English

It has increasingly become the standard to which entertainment industries in other countries work. It has four position limit switches two working, two emergency. For slack chain detection, a load cell is added to the hook and the hoist cuts out when a slack chain is detected. This is because in theatres hoists are often used to move loads over performers on stage and then hold them in place.