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The turn of the century bahay na bato or “stone house” — the Old Manila Nostalgia blog correctly renames it the bahay na bato at kahoy — is. Parts of the Bahay na Bato: characteristics. Wall partitionswood with calado above. Ceilings canvas, sawali or tin. Ground floor charcoal, sand or gravel floored. Bahay na Bato (Geometric Style). Picture. Bahay na Bato (Geometric Style). Picture. Bahay na Bato (Floral Style). Picture.

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Arquitectura y urbanismo en el siglo XIX, estudios sobre el municipio de Manila. I find it interesting that the word bahay, “house”, is similar to the word buhay”life”. Bahay na bato in Cebu with its Coral stones typical to Visayas. The Bahay na Bato was spacious.

You can find good examples of these homes in the quieter provincial towns. The house was composed of different rooms which has different use. It was popular among the elite or middle-class, and integrated the characteristics of the nipa hut with the style, culture and technology of Chinese and Spanish architecture. The Northern region have some of the best preserved Bahay na bato in the whole of Philippines. Tutuban Train Station’s. In a pueblo, there were two classifications of buildings namely the public buildings and the domestic residence.

This access would pave way to collection of larger tributes for the maximization of government funds and revenue. Along with the change in building materials, the shift in architecture has moved toward western influences–both European and American.


Bahay kubo’s roofs were of nipa palm or cogon grass. Thus created was a hybrid of AustronesianSpanishand Chinese architecture. Transoms that have tracery patterns were called espejong calado.

Here’s A Complete List Of The 46 Parts of A Filipino House | RL

Abhay Typical Cagayan Church Style. In a hahay na batothis was sometimes used as storage of family jewels and jars of silver coins. All Photos Back to Slideshow.

There are also some regional differences but they all have some features in common. A towering three-door cabinet in the master bedroom crowned with fretted scrollwork. Find out more here.

In every time they successfully conquered one place, they usually start to build permanent settlements on that place and these settlements are usually found near the mouths of rivers. The need for these permanent settlements arises because of the tendency to engage in trade, because these villages are usually special trading spots.

Under more than three centuries of Spanish initiative, buildings of wood, stone, and brick were constructed all over the archipelago, from the Batanes Islands in the north to Tawi-Tawi in the southfrom Palawan in the west to Samar in the east. Art in the Philippines. Some have galvanized roofs, some have tiled roofs, and some have nipa or cogon roofs. The thickness of the parallel wall kept it immobile; however the upper story bahayy posts were expected to sway if an earthquake comes.

Get inspiring design ideas and handy hints. These were designed for tradesmen and tenant farmers who brought in fighting cocks while waiting for the master of the house. Bafo would grow up there and her love interest would make a “house-calling” umaakyat pzrts bahay to seek permission of her parents to court her.


Blocks of white stone that paved the zaguan of houses near the port.

Filipiniana List: Parts of bahay na bato

Estado geografico, topografico, estadistico, historico-religioso de la santa y apostolica provincia de San Gregorio Magno. Spanish word for mirror. Capiz shells were often used as window panes.

Different styles depend on each house’s individual appearance. A few years ago I began to notice that many of these houses were either abandoned or disappearing altogether–victims of changing family fortunes, good and bad–and the ravages of nature and time.

Here’s A Complete List Of The 46 Parts of A Filipino House

Now, the elites or the principalias and the ilustrados who occupied Manila back then wanted to have a house that will display their wealth and will also protect them from certain kinds of catastrophe that may struck the city. Lahing Pilipino Publishing Inc. A bench with a built-in chicken coop underneath.