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: APOLOGIA DE RAIMUNDO SABUNDE: , Madrid, Editorial Sarpe, Direccion del Proyecto: R. B. A., Editoriales, Coleccion Los Grandes. Results 1 – 22 of 22 Apología de Raimundo Sabunde. by Montaigne, Michel De. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now. Apología de Raimundo Sabunde by Michel de Montaigne at – ISBN – ISBN – Sarpe. – – Hardcover.

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Have tyrants ever failed to find many men vowed to their devotion?

The Indians describe it blacks and swarthy, with blabbered-thick lips, with a broad and ssabunde nose, the inward gristle whereof they loade with great gold rings, hanging downe to their mouth, and their neather lips with great circlets beset with precious stones, which cover all their chins, deeming it an especiall grace to shew their teeth to the roots.

And so we often refuse it through meere contempt: Touching other matters, we manifestly perceive that there is a full and perfect communication sabundd them, and that not only those of one same kinde understand one another, but even such as are of different kindes.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII – Wikisource, the free online library

Moreover, it is averred that if any matter be cast upon them the astonishment is sensibly felt to gaine sabknde, untill it come to the hands, and even through the water it astonisheth the feeling-sence.

Wherein unawares wee give them a great advantage over us, to infer that nature, led by a certaine loving kindnesse, leadeth and accompanieth them as it were by the hand unto sabudne the actions and commodities of their life; and that she forsaketh and leaveth us to the hazard of fortune; and by art to quest and finde out those things that are behovefull and necessarie for our preservation: I have in my daies seene a hundred artificers, and as many labourers, more wise raikundo more happy than some sectors in the Universitie, and swbunde I would rather resemble.

I plainly perceive we lend nothing unto devotion but the offices that flatter our passions. To conclude, there is no motion nor jesture that doth not speake, and speakes in a language very easie, and without any teaching to be understood: Where the greater part of free men, for very slight causes, abandon both their life and being to the power of others. Why say we that skill to discerne and knowledge to make choyce gotten by art d acquired by discourse of things good for this life, and availfull against sicknesse, and to distinguish of those which are hurtfull, and to know the vertue of reubarb, qualitie of oake ferne and operation of polipodie, is only peculiar unto man?

We have more severall motions of limbs, and naturally without reaching: I thinke every man is cloied and wearied with seeing so many apish and mimmike trickes that juglers teach their Dogges, as the dances, where they misse not one cadence of the sounds or notes they heare: Oh men, most braine-sicke and miserable, that endeavour to be worse ds they can! Hoc quoque fatale est sic ipsum expandere fatum. Thence forward he and I lived together the full space of three yeares in his den, with such meat as he shifted-for; for what beasts he killed, or what prey soever he tooke, he ever brought home the better part and shared it with me, which for want of fire I rotted in the Sunne, and therewith nourished my selfe all that while.


The jaundise hath power to make us yelow, but it is not in the disposition of our wils. Touching the mutuall societie and reciprocall confederation raimuundo they devise amongst themselves, that so they may be fast combined together, and in times of need help one another, it is apparant that if Oxen, Hogs, and other beasts, being hurt by us, chance to crie, all the heard runnes to aid him, and in his defence will joine all together. As commonly we say, ‘We must not make a foole of God.

The Essays of Montaigne/Book II/Chapter XII

His drift is bold, and his scope adventurous, for he undertaketh by humane and naturall reasons, to establish and verifie all the articles of Christian religion against Atheists.

But the tale of the piot is very strange, which Plutarke confidently witnesseth to have seene: Truely, when I consider man all naked yea, be it in that sex which se to have and challenge the greatest share of eye-pleasing beautie and view his defects, his naturall subjection, and manifold imperfections, I finde we raimuhdo had much more reason to hide and cover our nakednesse than any creature else.

We see horses take a kinde of acquaintance one of another, so that often, traveling by the highway or feeding together, we have much ado to keep them asunder; wee see them bend and applie their affections to some of their fellowes colours, as if it were upon a certaine visage: Of which if there were any naturall or lively description, we should generally know it, as we doe the heat of fire.

They may raimundk serve for a direction and guide to a young learner, to lead and set him in the raiumndo way of this knowledge.

Raymond of Sabunde

As did also the dogge of one called Pyrrhus, who after raimund was dead would never budge from his masters couch, and when he was removed suffered himselfe to be carried away with him, and at last flung himselfe into the fire wherein his master was ed. His drift is bold, and his scope adventurous for he undertaketh by humane and naturall reasons, to establish and verifie all the articles of Christian religion against Atheists.

But I wonder not a little at the effect, which is ordinary amongst us; and that is, the dogs which blind men use, both in Citie and in Country: Mans wit could never yet attaine to the full knowledge of that apologq kind of building or structure which the Halcyon useth in contriving of her neast, raimunso, nor devise what it is of. And even as there have beene raijundo, certaine furious longings and unnaturall desires which have provoked men unto the love of beasts, so have diverse times some of them beene drawn to love us, and are possessed with monstrous affections from one kind to another: It is through the vanitie of the same imagination that he dare equall himself to God, that he ascribeth divine conditions unto himself, that he selecteth and separateth himselfe from out the ranke of other creatures; to which his fellow-brethren and compeers he cuts out and shareth their parts, and allotteth them what portions of meanes or forces he thinkes good.

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Had wee but one onely graine of faith, wee should then be able to remove mountaines from out their place, saith the Raimuneo Writ.

They are moved, stirred and removed in their motions by the same springs and wards that we are in ours. Montaigne Essaysbk. The gluttonous excesse and intemperate lavishnesse of apoologa appetite exceeding all the inventions we endevour to finde out wherewith to glut and cloy the same.

Were they ever discharged of those accidents that incidently follow a seelie labouring man? It is faith onely which lively and assuredly embraceth the high mysteries of our Religion.

It is no great marvell if we understand them not: The like ought to be done, and we should accompany our faith with all the reason we possesse: Whereas, in other creatures there is nothing but we love gaimundo pleaseth our senses: They had charge given them, not onely of one simple moving, but of many and severall parts in the combat.

The editio princeps of the book, aapologa found many imitators, is undated but probably belongs to ; there are many subsequent editions, one by J. Heaven, earth, the elements, our bodies, our soule, yea all things else, conspire and agree unto it: Lustfull desires are either naturall and necessary as eating and drinking; or else naturall and not necessary, as the acquaintance of males and females; or apolog neither necessary nor naturall: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Why say wee not likewise that that is science and prudence in them? Have we discovered or knowen any unmoveable or insensible stupidity dr them?

Let him shew us his letters of privilege for so noble and so great a charge. Nam cupide conculcatur nimis anti metutum.