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While in a very silly mood nearly a decade ago, myself and a friend bought Katherine by Anya Seton for 75p from a market stall because we. I first read Katherine by Anya Seton when I was 13 – and it still works its magic on me. What about Katherine by Anya Seton, which is based on the life of Katherine Swynford? This is one of my all-time favourite historical novels; it’s absolutely.

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Review: Katherine, Anya Seton vs. Katherine Swynford, Alison Weir

The writing is quite good–clear and compelling, never a chore to slog through. Katherine The classic historical romance By Anya Seton.

Serious matters of the time — with, undoubtedly, potential for epic drama in a novel — reduced to a grown man nursing a boo-boo and a woman whose life revolves around his love and attention? Katherine grows from an love-struck teenager into an intelligent and aware heroine over the thirty-year course of the story.

Rich with period detail. Too often you read sentences like this: So much of history is romanticised, their story has never needed to be. It should be noted, though, that this section does teach some history and provides a decent summary of the events for those unfamiliar with the Peasants’ Revolt.

Overall I enjoyed this story of Katherine and the fate of her relationship with the Duke of Lancaster. I had my doubts when I first katherune up my borrowed worn out copy, but hearing Steph and Amy rave about it finally piqued my interest. One of the biggest things going for the book is John of Gaunt, Katherine’s love interest.

If someone said a ghost writer penned this part, I would believe it. It tells the story of Katherine de Roet; sister-in-law of Chaucer, wife of Hugh Swynford, and mistress and later wife of John o I find it hard to put down on paper just how much I love this novel and how much it means to me. The kitchens often feed three hundred a day. steon

In fact the general undertone of feeling I had through out this book was a melancholic pity for her. Katherine Roet is the daughter of a minor knight, she comes to court as a young girl and marries Hugh Swynford, katherne knight of Kettlethorpe in the service of John of Gaunt, third son of Edward III. Her silver-gilt hair was twined with pearls and she wore her gold and diamond coronet.


But for every bastard child, for every clandestine dalliance in a secluded castle, there are pages of overly detailed description and simplistic writing.

So this book has to be more interesting to those who knows a katherlne about the various kings and queens and their personal traits. Do, however, go expecting the story to suck you right in and sweep you along, and do go expecting kayherine keep your pillow-sharer awake from the fanning of turning pages. Anya Seton takes us into other worlds, making us live for a few hours on a grand scale — Women’s Journal.

The two of them had a shockingly indiscreet seyon for well over a decade during which time she was engaged as a governess to his daughters by Blanche of Lancaster. On the other hand, Seton vividly offers a look setln history with the inclusion of famous royal figures, monarchs, and patrons of the court such as Geoffrey Chaucer while also bringing to light historical events without being too detailed or stuffing the reader with information resulting in a book which can be read by a varied range of ages.

I loaned it to someone and never got it back.

Katherine by Anya Seton

Seton was not born in the middle of October. It is a book of adventure, kztherine and suspense. Green Darkness was written in by Anya Seton. The author meticulously researched her sources, and even for minor characters, used where she could, those mentioned in the chronicles.

Katherine tells the true story of Katherine de Roet, born the daughter of a minor Flemish heraldlater knight. I named my first daughter Kathryn after my favorite historical person. Even if the plot of “Katherine” is somewhat slow, it is readable. Merve Emre on Personality Types Books.

Katherine by Anya Seton (1954, Hardcover)

I find Katherine a compelling read. I guess this is where the book is more of a romance novel than a historical fiction, but kathsrine I was expecting better.


As a historical romance, Katherine is considered well written and carefully researched, given that Seton was not a historian or paleographer and was working in the s, when less information was available to her.

Then Prince Charming, who is happily married to a charming and kind princess, comes along and delivers the poor girl from despair. John has moments of arrogance, but is also capable of tender acts of sweetness — He should join Rhett Butler and Mr. I think I might follow for a while to see other recommendations. Also some say it has a slow start. A tender love story with a solid feel for the Middle Ages in all its grit.

And it’s not unclear because the book is too short, because this damned thing is almost pp! She should have focused solely on the romance between Katherine and John of Gaunt because it is truly an epic tale. It felt that I was no longer looking at a foreign time and place, but was part of it.

Jenny This was assigned reading for my high school honors English class in the mid 90’s. It’s an amazing story, I loved both books for different reasons, don’t blame you for keeping a back up copy! Their well-documented affair spans many decades to the point when they finally marry, despite British convention, late in their lives. Most of her novels have been recently republished, several with forewords by Philippa Gregory.

I could not bear to leave John and Katherine hanging on the edge of finishing their story. That is just where my interest lies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

For those of you who have read Twilight, he is a rival of Edward’s, at least in my mind.

He lifted her to his station. Katherine Swynford was a significant figure in English history.